BEYOND Pressure


Postural evaluation through the analysis of the distribution of contact pressures on the ground.


Measurement and analysis of spatio-temporal parameters during a markerless natural gait.


Analysis of the Center of Pressure through the study of the Romberg ball.


The measurement of the pressure exerted on the ground has never been so rapid: a global postural analysis.

Technical features

  • Resolution(xy): 2.5dpi
  • Resolution(z): 8 bits
  • Capture Rate: From 5Hz to 400Hz
  • Available sizes: 1240×740 / 640×740 / 440×620
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Sensor Type: Gold Coated Resistive
  • Scan Type: Matrix
  • Maximum pressure: 150N/cm²
  • Sensor life: 1,000,000 cycles

Available sizes: 40×40 / 60×50 / 120×50 / 180×50

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