VO2 Max

Main parameter to define an individual's aerobic capacity, which is crucial for performance in any endurance sport and beyond

BMR extension

Minimum daily calorie requirement required by your body, defines the weight management plans based on the energy balance


First wireless metabolimeter for VO2 and BMR analysis. Movement of the subject not limited and very low weight (200gr)


It connects via bluetooth to a dedicated app where there are well-defined protocols for analyzing the various parameters that can be viewed in real time

VO2 master analyzer is the first wireless metabolimeter for the analysis of VO2 he was born in BMR extension.

It has no backpacks to wear, cables, or hoses that affect or restrict the test subject's movement, and the low weight (200gr) does not affect the performance of the subject.

For system calibration no syringes are needed or tanks containing specific gases. There are special sanitizing filters of the device for use between one user and another.

A five-point stabilizing harness increases accuracy. Weighing 200 grams, the device will not hinder the athlete's performance. The equipment should not interfere with testing. No more running around with your backpack. Backpacks are meant for books and lunches, not VO2 analyzers.

Data response is superior due to direct gas measurement at the mouth. The small tubes for the oxygen samples increase the accuracy because they are received immediately after the flow measurement. No need for a sampling pump in a separate box. The high quality flow and oxygen sensors are the same as found in metabolic carts.

Technical features

  • Dimensions: 124mm x 88mm x 47mm
  • Weight: 320g (200g unit, 120g mask)
  • O2 accuracy: ±1%
  • Flow Accuracy: ±3%
  • Flow sensor type: Differential Pressure
  • Oxygen Sensor Type: Galvanic Fuel Cell
  • Gas sampling system: Passive, pump-less
  • Life of the oxygen sensor: 12 months
  • Calibration: Automatic.
  • Ventilation: 2-250 liters per minute
  • Tidal volume: 0.25-10 litres
  • Respiratory rate: 3-80 Breaths per minute
  • Battery Type: 1x AAA
  • Autonomy: 8+ Hours

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