Body composition

Analysis of the main body composition parameters such as TBW, FM, FFM, ECW, ICW


Quick and non-invasive analysis for comparing your fitness status with a reference population


Lightweight and easy to carry. For even more agile use in the studio and on the field

Assessing body composition means measuring the different components that make up the body.

This measurement is carried out at the molecular level by bioimpedancemetry which manages to divide the different "compartments" of the human body by differentiating the fat mass from the lean mass, and subdividing the composition of the lean mass even more specifically.

A body composition that tends to be rich in adipose tissue and poor in muscle mass is correlated to poor overall fitness (cardio-circulatory, respiratory, muscular, articular, etc.), to poor athletic-sports ability and to a greater physical risk linked to ominous events such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, cardio-vascular complications and joint pathologies.

It is possible to measure the subject's weight, BMI, fat mass (FM), lean mass (FFM), percentage of total body water (TBW), the fraction of intracellular water (ICW) and extra-cellular ( ECW).

Technical features
(DC-240 and MC-580 models)

  • Accuracy grade: MDD CLASS II-a, NAWI CLASS III
  • Dual Frequency Electrode – MC-580: Latest dual frequency 4C reactance technology
  • Age range: 5-99 years old
  • Weight capacity: 200kg – MC-580: 270Kg
  • Accuracy: 100gr
  • Product Dimensions: 340 x 440 x 65 mm – MC-580: 380 x 540 x 95 mm
  • Product weight: 4.7Kg – MC-580: 7.5Kg
  • Power: 9V adapter or 6 AA batteries
  • USB interface – MC-580: USB and Bluetooth
  • MC-540 ONLY: 10 segmental measurements

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